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Ticket reproduction "cabbage price" from Hefei to fly only 210 yuan Shanghai
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Anhui Province, according to radio reports, at a time off-season air, some airlines have been offering special fares to "Showmanship." Yesterday, reporters (16) noted that visitors six days in advance ticket futures Hefei to Shanghai only 210 yuan. And everywhere the 4 fold, 5 fold compared to the ticket, some airlines even offer a large number of ultra-low-cost 2.5-fold of the ticket, such as Hefei to Shanghai, now as low as 210 yuan, Hefei to Huangshan fare as long as 110 Yuan, airport conductor said: "The southern city of some 2.5 fold to 4 fold more ticket to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, 210-260 yuan or so, to some tourist cities, such as Kunming, the minimum is also 3.5 fold." In addition, as some Hefei opened last week to Taipei route, just opened today to Zhengzhou, Hefei and tomorrow will be the inaugural flight of Hefei to Macau route, but also to play a low promotional price, the airport said the conductor: "The additional Zhengzhou, happy air opened, only 200 dollars, round trip is 400." However, preferential ticket prices significantly, and did not give airlines a lot of popularity, from the current sales situation, this year before Christmas and New Year's Day, tickets will go very cheap. Airport conductor said: "Because years ago, going out less, the return by more and more favorable discounts, but shorter holidays, the price will not change much."
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