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Spring Festival travel season ticket prices into the Jan. 20 e into the water
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Students to return home due to the winter break, New Year and Spring Festival holidays, triple small effect in January next year, ticket prices jumped 50% this year in December. January 20 next year, a fare watershed. Spring Festival next year, the fare rose to a little earlier than usual start date is one week. World Expo, Shanghai has been sluggish and out of Hong Kong route fares. Until the end of December, Shanghai, Chengdu flight tickets flying about 2 fold. Tickets to the northern coastal city of Shanghai, but most of the 3 fold. However, after January 20 next year, most of the fares on domestic routes departing Shanghai appeared to soar. Ctrip reporters yesterday at the inquiry was informed that January 20 the same day, there are flights from Shanghai to Chengdu, the lowest 6 970 yuan ticket discount available for sale. But two days later, the lowest fare on the route into a 8-fold 1290 yuan; The same situation appears in the Shanghai-Kunming route. January 21, the route of only a few sheets 7, 1330 yuan tickets can be sold off. Most tickets will be no discount to play. In addition, between now and next year around the Spring Festival, the domestic tourism market is cold, hot double-day situation. A short holiday and New Year's Day New Year holiday, from Shanghai to overseas, especially Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao Tour prices rose across the board, the highest price increases more than 50%; while some domestic famous, famous River into the off-season attractions are, have been offering price concessions to attract tourists.
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