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Protector of civil aviation passenger screeners
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Mood every day ups and downs as the aircraft land and take off until the landing of each aircraft are safe, only one hanging in the heart to settle down, this is the airport security checkpoint inspection team leader Yang Zhenbiao who work in 17 years suffering from the "wrong . " Related to the security screening of passengers safety, safety inspector to check each passenger's luggage, the slightest negligence lead to disastrous consequences. Security personnel were at work often groundless accusations and verbal abuse of passengers. In a security and a woman with a 6-year-old son to board a flight, when the security apparatus in the past, the mother strongly disagreed with his son through the instrument, and she worried that children exposed to radiation, affecting their health. Yang Zhenbiao repeatedly introduced to the mother, the hospital security instrument and the different X-ray detector, no radiation, no impact on child health. No matter how persuade Yang Zhenbiao, stubborn women unmoved, she said, if you have to pass through security equipment, airport, out of a guarantee to ensure that children do not appear after the physical abnormalities, Yang Zhenbiao talking about this face was a little helpless. Yang Zhenbiao these vexatious passengers can endure the most painful is that him, friends and colleagues do not understand. His work is outside the window, many friends and colleagues ask him to help, so loved ones with something more on the plane, but the civil aviation sector has provided for passengers flying with the items can not be overweight, if overweight will endanger the safety of the aircraft, for passengers safety he declined. Many do not understand his friend away from him so far away. Shu Yun is the busiest airport each year, when screeners are nervous, they want to check a person per day more than 300 luggage, each piece is like a sieve as ever, even hidden in luggage in the corner a micro lighter, it will not let go.
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