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9 yuan! Shi Rong Shi Chen routes need to promote special fares online booking
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9 per it? 9 yuan really is! October 20 journalists was informed that from October 19 onwards, Spring Airlines to fly to Chengdu in its - Shijiazhuang - Shenyang route launch of a 9 dollar super cheap tickets (not including airport construction fee and fuel surcharge), Shijiazhuang Airport as the cheapest airline tickets since departure routes. 9 per ticket, but the limited number of passengers in need quickly grab it. October 20 afternoon, the reporter Spring Airlines web site login, search the stone Rong, Shi Chen airline ticket prices, would see 22, 23 In addition, from now until 28 every day 9 per ticket for sale. October 29 the lowest fares from 59 yuan. Shijiazhuang - Shenyang route full price tickets for 840 yuan, equivalent to 9 per ticket is only 0.1 fold. It is reported that the Spring Airlines in Chengdu Shi, Shi Chen introduce routes 9 per special ticket, put the number at 5%, about 10 per flight. It is worth recalling that only 9 per ticket booking Spring Airlines web site, can not be endorsed, refund.
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