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Guiyang urban district pursues to line of bus of Long Dongbao airport
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Airport of fort of Guiyang dragon hole is apart from downtown only 10 kilometers, edge airport freeway can arrive 20 minutes, run time of civil aviaton bus is in the morning 8:30 to dusk 6:30, every 30 minutes send, fare 10 yuan. Near the booking office of Guiyang civil aviaton that the urban district sends car place to be road of abide by justice and have a common boundary of road of high official position, place of airport hair car is outside awaiting machine building, the course is " the airport -- river bank park -- gymnasium -- civil aviaton booking office " .
If take a taxi, reach the airport from the city zone, by the regulation both sides Xiali collects fees 40 yuan, 3 compartment Xiali and nimble are amounted to, Sangdana collects fees every time 45 yuan. But do not know what reason, no matter be from Guiyang the airport reachs inside city, still arrive from the airport inside city, the driver collects fees is 50 yuan (contain a freeway to expend) , not bargain.
Additional, the passenger still can extract park of street, river bank to take car of public transportation bus to airport crossing in railway station, oil (near vessel canister city) , reach the airport on foot next. Specific journey inquires when ordering a ticket please.

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