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Course of drive a vehicle of bus of International Airport of Harbin peace and tr
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Airport bus 24 hours of speech are automatic and respondent special railway line: 0451-82896432

One, course of airport bus drive a vehicle:

1, the airport reachs inside city:
Large building of civil aviaton of locate of airport circuitry starting station reachs inside city (Zhongshan road booking office of 99 civil aviaton) , arrive directly at the airport. The passenger inside city is taken 2, 3, 21, 22, 68, 69, 82, 103, 108, 111, 115 buses, get off in swan restaurant station can arrive; The passenger near Ha Dong station can take 27 buses to get off in station of civil aviaton district.
Airport bus is early 6: 00 begin to come late 18: 30 ends, every half hours one, whole journey run time about 50 minutes, ask what you indicate according to airline ticket to board the plane time takes a car 2 hours ahead of schedule.
The passenger inside city also can take a car in booking office of new in relief way, every half hours.
2, the airport reachs city inside:
The airport multiplies car place to be in to road of city planted agent await machine building 1 building exit.
Airport hair follows hour of approach flight number to send a car toward the bus inside city. Approach flight number has corresponding bus to send past city namely inside.
The airport stops a station to be street of Kang Anlu, understand, An Faqiao, Harbin Institute of Technology, railway station, Wen Changjie to the classics inside city, edifice of terminal civil aviaton.
3, railway station:
The other place will breath out the passenger that seize the opportunity, we are daily early 5: The vehicle that receive a station is set 10 minutes in railway station station square, 6: 30 distribute a car, arrive directly at the airport, daily only this one.
2, airport bus takes notice
1, airport bus ticket must be bought before the passenger takes a car, debt is nodded clear face to face. 1 meter of the following children take a car freely, but must not take a place alone, 1.4 meters of the following children buy half price ticket.
2, the passenger is inside baggage cabin the baggage that place does not get carry secretly negotiable securities, money, bill of exchange and valuable, lose responsibility conceit otherwise. Prohibit depositing inside baggage cabin combustible explode easily and danger is tasted. Lock up the baggage that has locked up oneself with baggage please, the key that custodial good baggage locks up.
3, take car environment cozily to make the passenger has a security, the passenger does not want smoking, chaos to throw inside railroad car peel, sundry etc. Must not carry combustible explode easily and danger is tasted.
4, after car is started, the passenger does not wait for head, hand outside extending a window, lest produce an accident.
5, the passenger is in the process that take a car, had kept please the baggage article that carries, valuable does not put rack please, notice guard against theft. When getting off, inspect the baggage that good place carries, goods please, lest lose.
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