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Shenzhen urban district reachs advisory phone to line of Baoan airport bus
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6:3 of airport of Shenzhen of center of ticket of China couplet carry out0 ~ 20:00 20 yuan every 30 minutes of 20~30 minute every other sends a car 20 minutes, the way is deep south highway, wide difficult highway, about 40 minutes arrive. Midway did not stand via stopping.
Shenzhen airport 8:0 of center of ticket of China couplet carry out0 ~ airliner ends 20 yuan 30 minutes every 20~30 minute airport bus changes to course of the travel inside city by walk along a freeway from the airport - deep south highway - terminus of China couplet edifice, midway does not set station leaving a settle or live in a strange place, go late deep after 19 o'clock south edifice of highway, China couplet, railway station on the west square, adjust the number that send a car according to airliner and passenger discharge.

Course 2 (Xiaoba 507)

Shenzhen airport - cloth auspicious presses down 12 yuan 12 yuan
Waterworks of defend of yellow Tian Cun, solid, Baoan, south auspicious of village of heart of hospital of children of fair temple of city of garden of head custom, science and technology, overseas Chinese, car, city, yellow Mu Gang, cropland, cloth terminal market

Course 3 (602 buses)

Shenzhen airport - treasure city 3 areas 8:15 ~ 20:00, 20 yuan
20~30 is promoted 35 minutes minute surround garden of crossing, emerald green lake, Zhong Wu cropland of city of trade of crossing of village, Huang Tian, crane continent, China, official, farming approve bring the market the market, newly, on the west elementary school of country passenger station, work, on the west country port city, Lan Xiangyuan
Treasure city 7:0 of airport of 3 areas Shenzhen0~ 19:00 20 yuan 20~30 minute, 35 minutes

Course 4
Shekou - Shenzhen airport 6: 30 ~ 18: 30 20 yuan every 60 minutes
Shenzhen airport - Shekou 8: 15 ~ 20: 15 20 yuan every 60 minutes

Course 5

Shenzhen airport - Dongguan car terminal 7: 20~19: 20, 35 yuan 20 minutes

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