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Buy discounted tickets of female teachers was fishing Go 2300 yuan
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Buy discount tickets online, he was "fishing ticke ting website" hook away 2,300 yuan. Yesterday, the case of a consumer complaint.

Wang Hankou Branch of the China division, told reporters the teacher, she has friends from Hainan to Wuhan to play, to help set 5 Zhang Wuhan her return ticket to Hainan. She searches the Internet to a site, that play half of a good deal, to press the online publication of "400" unified national telephone call booking, the person said 2,300 tickets to the money, hit called "Ancient wavelet" name on bank account.

Quotes Danger! Retail should leave as soon as possible? Warehouse full of what the stock is worth buying? Some stocks may also rose 50%! Institutional capital money has been playing a major change in the past, the other one will say they are "6 +1" program group, not the company's telephone booking; said, and they are the real estate company, phone call wrong. Then, just could not get through, and included her refusal to answer the phone.

City of Industry 12315, according to statistics, in January, the city received a 4 from similar complaints, all complaints online black agents, cottage site. Complaints related to fare ticket, a refund is not timely, does not perform back Meal and many other issues on the public booking online, be careful.

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