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Policeman of check of side of plane of accidentally drop of involuntary discharg
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This net dispatch: On October 20 afternoon, swedish passenger Mr ROBERT that takes SK993 airliner to arrive at Beijing is connected after passing an inspection, it is a model involuntary discharge of urine of N95 mobile phone to fall carelessly enter a country the spot.

After team of Beijing edge check is in charge of duty element growing discovery, contact owner of lost property wittily through this mobile phone immediately, arrange anxious owner of lost property to await in T3C. Immediately expedites a policeman technically to be hurried to quickly affirm owner of lost property and put in strike back machine 's charge. After 10 minutes, the policeman found anxious owner of lost property Mr ROBERT in the crowd. He appreciates the hand of ground cinch policeman, say to the information with have a lot of important is stored in the mobile phone, if was lost,still do not know how to should do really. The wine that Mr ROBERT wants excitedly still to take his to Beijing from Sweden gives a people's police, in order to show acknowledgment, be declined by policeman courtesy. Owner of lost property paid cordial gratitude to edge check policeman, and the exalted character with the urgent place of not pocket the money one picks up of subtense check policeman, urgent passenger expresses to admire. (Yang Ting / article, Zhao Junfeng / photograph) net of Wuhan ticket Wu

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