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Take pet to set by plane
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Take pet to seize the opportunity to have a regulation these days, as the addition of the stream of people that return hillock, the passenger transport ground such as the airport received another business " wave crest " . Face of airport of north of Jiangxi province prosperous wants always to a few passengers to take pet to take the appearance of cabin secretly when seize the opportunity, put forward to hope to broad passenger: When seizing the opportunity do not privately carries pet to enter cabin, this also is the regulation of civil aviaton total bureau. It is reported, recently, the lady is in the dragon that preparation seizes the opportunity to go to Beijing from airport of Nanchang prosperous north to hide a doggie through how be being discovered to be in pocket of its ski unlined upper garment when check. Dragon lady states him body is unwell, carrying a doggie is to make his not alone only. Current, this airport has hunted down a passenger many cases to want to carry pet to be like small white rat, birdie, tortoise, tortoise, goldfish, lizard to wait secretly on the incident of machine. Prosperous north airport installs check of check station troops division collect group leader introduces, a few passengers are in a travel when, especially the child is outer piece when going vacationing, the hope can take his pet the plane together, but civil aviaton has specific provision, the puppy that the passenger carries divides classics carrier concessionary outside, uniform cannot put inside cabin to carry. The basis concerns a provision, puppy is carried must order in the passenger or when buying a ticket, put forward, offer animal quarantine proof, classics carrier agrees rear can consign, the passenger needs fibrous root occupies the requirement of carrier, had installed puppy with container inside designation time, deal with to the airport by oneself consign formalities. And lade the container of puppy also has a lot of paying attention to, the passenger mights as well it is clear to understand along with all the others when buying airline ticket, the hurry-scurry before lest before leaving, lane is bad to still can delay the journey. The airport installs check personnel to express, during be worth Chun Yunren to shed a height nowadays, the airport brings check scene quite busy, for this hope broad passenger does not carry pet to enter cabin, otherwise, the workload of the member that increased to install check artificially not only, and, if the pet of engine room of a few interfuse is in engine room out of control, what can create engine room sanitation and order is confused, in some of pet flies possibly still into plane instrument, cause inestimable effect to safety of plane safety and passenger person.

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