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What is electronic passenger ticket, how to use?
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1. begins from 2006-06-01 day, passenger ticket of airliner company electron is changed! Electronic passenger ticket shows incorporeal airline ticket, only ticket of single shot of journey of passenger ticket of a piece of electron serves as the whole nation to unite submit an expense account the proof of return a ticket! Ask passenger appropriate to keep so because of can be being printed only! Board the plane to need to go to the airport to appoint bar of electronic passenger ticket to deal with by original of effective identity document only board the plane formalities can, the proposal is awaited 90 minutes ahead of schedule machine deal with board the plane formalities, lest by accident machine.

2. children uses electronic passenger ticket, can deal with by the effective certificate such as booklet of registered residence, passport board the plane formalities, when booking, need accurate offer board the plane the certificate number that holds certificate

3. electron passenger ticket and traditional airline ticket are same, can turn according to airline regulation change the date, autograph with return a ticket, but need to reserve ticket of good journey single shot!

The guest that 4. baby etc has special demand (passenger of the incomplete that be like disease, pregnant woman) , because need to deal with concerned special service formalities, reason of short duration cannot use electronic passenger ticket

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