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Is baggage consigned what procedures is there?
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Is baggage consigned what procedures is there?

1. passenger must consign baggage by effective passenger ticket. Carrier should make clear those who consign baggage on passenger ticket and luggage check number and a weight.
2. carrier should leave a station to be dealt with that day in the airliner commonly seize the opportunity carry luggage receives when formalities; If the baggage of group passenger is overmuch, or when needing to be consigned ahead of schedule because of other reason, can agree with the passenger time, place is consigned.
The every baggage Ying Shuan that 3. carrier consigns to the passenger hangs luggage claim tag, and among them identifying couplet pays a passenger. Provide for oneself via what carrier agrees baggage, should with hold in the palm 4. Do not belong to the article of baggage, answer to be consigned by goods, cannot consign as baggage.

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