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Takeoff time of airliner of Chinese Sha Guangzhou is adjusted nightly
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[report from our correspondent] (reporter Shen Yong) aviation of German Han Sha yesterday (9 days) announce, will adjust the takeoff time of airliner of Guangzhou flying Frankfurt for nightly, in order to enhance the butt joint ability of Chinese Sha airliner and other airliner, convenient Guangzhou and bead other city is headed for toward Germany and a favourable turn before trigonometry passenger.

The winter schedule with Han Sha new aviation will be enabled on October 26, at the appointed time the LH787 airliner of Chinese Sha Guangzhou will in the evening 11: Set out 40 minutes. Chinese Sha respect expresses, take nightly scheduled flight, the passenger that Guangzhou sets out can turn easily in Frankfurt receive the flight number that flies to the city of 170 many Europe such as Munich, Berlin, Milan, London, Rome, Copenhagen, Brussels, viatic time is more efficient. Net of Wuhan ticket Wu

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